Ingrid Engarås

1 Porch (14´47´´ )
2 Rumble (11´09´´)
3 Probe (1´50´´ )
4 Blessings and Worship (5´50´´ )
5 Rowan - For the Unborn (24´12´´)

Sound clip
Vibradisc - an instrument invented by Ingrid Engarås, made for carefully selected live concert situations. A motor generates vibrations against a huge copper plate which in turn generates its own sound. Its deep and flowing bass frequencies trigger the listener to undergo individual experiences which may be comfortable, strange, erotic and rumbling. The playing technique is closely related to automatic writing. As the instrument can, (and should) never be fully controlled, the playing sessions are always subject to random forces. All aspects of the concert situation, such as the architecture, atmosphere, audience and the instrumentalist's setting, impact on and interact with Vibradisc. Every playing session or concert is unique and can never be predicted. Nor can the listener's experience be controlled. The sound of Vibradisc is to be used in each listener's very own personal way.

Ingrid Engarås - born 1968 - lives in Stockholm and considers Fylkingen to be her home scene. Has during the years been active with mailart, performance and visual art, but mainly as the organizer for more or less underground cultural events, concepts and social situations. Her rare concerts with Vibradisc started in 1999 and since then both solo concerts and collaborative experimentations have been performed.

The pieces Porch, Rumble and Probe from recording session at Fylkingen 2002-04-24 engin-eered and recorded by John Duncan. Probe was made out of some unexpected disturbances, or phantom sounds originating from the mixing desk during the session, later selected and mastered at EMS by Lars Åkerlund. Blessings and Worship was recorded live at Babalon Bar, Kupan, Stockholm 2000-10-12, performed at the combined celebration of Aleister Crowleys 125th birthday and the 10th anniversary of Auga Odins Lodge. The concert was recorded by Carl Abrahamsson, mastered by Lars Åkerlund at EMS 2002. Rowan - For the Unborn from recording session at Fylkingen 2002-01-26 engineered and recorded by Agnieszka Lewalski. This piece is dedicated to Iris Atari and Saga Cikoria, who both were present but not yet born.

Final mix by Lars Åkerlund and Ingrid Engarås at EMS 2002.
Photo Carl Abrahamsson (
Cover design by Katarina Johansson, Sunmaid Graphics

Thanks to: Leif Elggren, Kent Tankred, Agnieszka Lewalski, John Duncan, Lars Åkerlund, Carl Abrahamsson, Katarina Johansson, Johannes Bergmark, Benny Nilsen and Sören Runolf all witout whose help and support this record would not have been existing, and also Fylkingen, EMS and Kulturhuset/Lava; corner stones of the experimental art and music scene in Stockholm.

P ©Ingrid Engarås, Stockholm 2003. BIEM/ N©B
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