Henrik Andersson & Henrik Rylander

Collaborative: Kluster (10´´)

8 identical CD-players playing 8 identical CD records. Each CD consists of 7 three seconds tracks with three tones C, D, E, F, G, A and H (untempered sinus waves). These records are played using "random function" and develops, by chance, organ like chords. The artists write on the work:

"When we learn how to play an instrument we use an almost mechanical method for practice. The actual playing of music is not looked upon as real without the human essence. If we teach a machine to, in the same way that we learn how to play music, play a combination of tones that by us is considered to be music, isn´t the human being then just a machine?"

The relation between sound/art and the surrounding world is also problematised. The piece"s ability to associate to organ music, i.e. a certain kind of religious spirituality in music, makes the viewer to dwell by the question: what came first - the egg or the hen - religion or music? This exhibitions curator would clearly state that the piece is a clear evidence that the arts, with its omnipotent force, are fully used, not only by commercialism and stereotyped behavior but also, since a long time, by various religions churches and mosques.

Rylander: "Information II"
Andersson: "Gym Form Plus".

Henrik Andersson is educated at the College for Film and Photography in Gothenburg, Sweden and at Konstfack, Sweden. He has earlier shown work Artnode, the Modern Museum and Konstfack in Stockholm. He´s also participating in the Konstfack Curator course.

Henrik Rylander is educated at the College for Film and Photography in Gothenburg. He has earlier shown work at Galleri 54, Göteborg, Konstakuten, Stockholm and Hasselblad Center, Göteborg. Rylander also has a past as a drummer with the infamous rock band Union carbide Productions.

This release is a collaboration with Färgfabriken, Stockholm in conjunction with the exhibition:
Henrik Andersson & Henrik Rylander, January 19 - February 10 2002 Curator for the exhibition at Färgfabriken (www.fargfabriken.se): Carl Michael von Hausswolff

FER 1033 [p]&[c] H.Andersson, H.Rylander Stockholm 2001. BIEM/nęb