Connecting the cross
The Sons of God featuring Amit Sen

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Man has always, in one way or another, turned to the other-wordly in his attempts to deal with the angst of being aware of the inevitable end to all our lives that is death. This awareness of death and the concomitant fear of it has been the natural starting point for all religious creeds; the fashioning of an explanation, the possibility of some consolation, the dampening of the worst anguish. This has always come at a cost, however. Right from the beginning, organising remedies against the fear of death was a viable option for anyone wanting to gain power over his fellow men. Out of this, religion was born, and it is no coincidence that all religions have been organised alongside and walked in step with the interests of the worldly powers-that-be. An ingenious method for those who thought that they might achieve immortality by taking on the role of earthly god. A devilishly clever manipulative trick which to this day, and now perhaps more than ever (!), makes people abandon their individual lives and entrust them to someone who claims to be God´s representative on earth. There are no God´s representatives on earth! We are all God and equally people with the same unquestionable worth, wherever we may be in the world and on the social ladder. God is not outside us, God is in us all and we can all say: I am God! But today we are witnessing a more comprehensive monopolisation than ever before of this interpretive privilege. Perhaps this is due to the growing iniquity and insecurity in the world. - The arrogance of it! And what a clever way to manipulate and preserve the iniquitous social structure!

Recorded at the Amit Sen Church Studio in Hammenhög, Sweden, September 2004.

Time: 61´ 12´´