The cobblestone is the weapon of the proletariat
Leif Elggren

Sound clip

No.1: 3´02´´, No.2: 4´04´´, No.3: 3´28´´, No.4: 3´03´´, No.5: 6´11´´ No.6: 25´59´´, No.7: 3´59´´, No.8: 2´05´´, No.9: 6´34´´, No.10: 6´00´´ No.11: The North Is Protected (11´24´´), No.12: End Song (1´45´´), No.13: ES (0´06´´). Total length: 78´13´´

The basic sound material for the ten cobblestone songs on this CD is from one recording made while throwing a cobblestone (once!) on the street outside Firework Edition, Stockholm June 15, 2001.
The title refers to a bronze sculpture by the Russian artist Ivan Shadr (1887-1941) called The Cobblestone Is The Weapon Of The Proletariat (1927).

No.1 was released 2002 as a track on the CD Geologists and Professional Tourists, N&B Research Digest, Russia.
No.3 was released 2002 as a track on the CD Friends of the Bumblebee, Håll Tjäften, Sweden (dedicated to Åke Hodell).
No.5 was released 2003 as a track on the CD Das Dreidimensionale Möbiusband, Flying Swimming, Japan.
No.8 was released 2003 as a track on the 7´´ Untitled, Die Stadt, Germany.
No.11. This text was written by LE for and first published in the catalogue for the Nordic Pavilion, la Biennale di Venezia, June 10 - November 4, 2001. The North Is Protected was the name of this collaborative exhibition by CM von Hausswolff, Anders Tomren, Tommi Grönlund, Petteri Nisunen and LE.

In the booklet: a part of a conversation between Jim Haynes and Leif Elggren in relation to the Activating the Medium at SFMOMA, San Francisco February 2003.