Audio Laboratory

Jean-Louis Huhta - G4 PowerBook, Electronic Devices
Per Svensson - Metal Grinder, Voices, Guitars, Sitar, Field Recordings & Loops
Ebbot Lundberg - Voices, Plastophone, Guitars, Organ, Gameboy & Qcord
Henrik Rylander - Theremin, Effects

1: From Silur To Devon, Carbon & Trias (* Live At Fylkingen 2000) 14´32´´
2: The Sound And The Fury (Jean-Louis Huhta, Kolsyrefabriken 2002) 06´23´´
3: (Live At MS Stubnitz Motorship 1998) 02´23´´
4: Flies Around The Dirt/American Experts/In Orbit Round Fire (Per Svensson, Kolsyrefabriken 2002) 06´26´´
5: In The Mind Of Diamond Snow II (Live At Prinsen 1998) 06´38´´
6: Optiroc (Kolsyrefabriken 2002) 02´15´
7: When You Grow To Heaven/InThe Mind of Diamond Snow III (Ebbot Lundberg, Kolsyrefabriken 2002) 09´18´´
8: Jura In Crete (* Live At Fylkingen 2000) 05´57´´
9: Feedback Formation (Henrik Rylander Live At AMOK/KOMA 2002) 10´34´´
10: 26000 Years Old (* Live At Fylkingen 2000) 07´46´´

Live At MS Stubnitz Motorship 1998
Audio Laboratory was started as a sound-art project 1997 in Göteborg, Sweden and was founded by Henrik Rylander and Per Svensson. Ebbot Lundberg (Union Carbide, Soundtrack of Our Lives) and Jean Louis Huhta (Lucky People Center) was involved in the project. The first collaboration "In The Mind Of Diamond Snow" are released on the CD "Energy Loop/Element 2" (Firework Edition Records 1998).

The members are grown up in Göteborg wotking with music and visual art and have a background related to the record label Radium 226.05. Audio Laboratory did their first live performance at the restaurant Prinsen in Stockholm March 7, 1998. Since that the group have made performances at Arvikafestivalen 1998, Nursery Injection-festivalen, MS Stubnitz in Stockholm 2000 and at Skövde konsthall 2003.

Audio Laboratory started a bigger sound-art project 2002 called "Surround The World", a quadrofonic project for 8 guitars, Theremin, metal grinder and computer at Kolsyrefabriken in Liljeholmen, Stockholm where the group also have studios for music and visual art. "Surround The World" will be released as a DVD during 2003-04. This is the first full-length CD by Audio Laboratory and contains besides the collaborative works also an individual track by each of the members in the group.

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